Introduction: Banana Onna Stik! (con Chocolate Y Peanut Butter)

I've been meaning to make this for 13 months and 20 days now exactly. I remember the day I thought it up. I was in Utah with my friend Phin to go climbing but we were still at his house. We had literally a ton (fine, thats an exaggeration) of bananas that were already turning black with ripeness. They were extremely sweet though! Thats what happens to them as they over-ripen! We discussed possible uses for the bananas and what I came up with was taking all of them and mushing them up and putting them in the freezer, that way they keep. Then I thought about the cookie making process and got an even more outrageous idea; pour honey on them, stuff in cookie dough, cover in powdered sugar, and coat with chocolate. They all turned me down (too sweet?). So we narrowed it down to mush into ball, freeze, cover in layers of peanut butter and chocolate. Nummy :) Unfortunately we ran out of time to actually finish making them and only got so far as to freeze the banana ball... Today I will finish that job :)

Step 1: Hunting and Gathering

Alright, lets start this off the fun way!
Go outside and find a banana plant! (cheaters can just use ripened bananas).

Next, find a cocoa... just kidding, get some chocolate chips (or any chocolate you want) so that we can melt it down and forge ourself a delicious treat later!

You will also need peanut butter (chunky or skinny, whatever)

Skewers make it less messy, making it the perfect on-a-stick treat!

***At the end, I'll show you another fun snack I made with the same ingredients (plus one)!

Step 2: Mushing!!!

Peel those bananas (2 or 3 bananas) and put them on some tin foil.

Get dirty with your hands and mush those nanners up!

Fold the banana mush up into ball form and then fold the tin foil up into a ball and put the whole thing into the freezer.

Step 3: Chocolatize!!!

My favorite step!!!
Take it out of the freezer after about 5 hours (not really sure how long it takes)

Stab Stab Stab! Impale the banana ball with a skewer.

Smash the peanut butter container on the countertop in excitement and spread peanut butter over the entire ball.

Melt the chocolate (double-burner over stove, or microwave, patience determines this) and cover the whole thing in chocolate.

Put back in freezer if you don't want to eat it now. Otherwise stuff your face in there! I'm sure you can guess what I did here   :3     it tastes best when thawed a bit more :)

Step 4: Bonus Idea

A better thought than one very large ball occurred to me. Why not make a bunch of small balls instead? :)

It turns out that you can make about 5 bite sized balls per banana. Perfect! So I made these too. Here are the pictures, I think that they were much tastier with a better banana to PB to chocolate ratio!

And of course you don't have to stop there. Who says you can't make a tasty banana snowman?! or a banana-PB-chocolate smiley-face-stabbed-with-skewer!?!?!?! grab some frosting and get on that! maybe even some sprinkles.

Enjoy :)   I hope you liked this tasty treat as much as I do, I doubt you will though   :3

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