Introduction: Band Saw Box With a Secret Drawer and Swinging Bracelet Bars

This is my first attempt at a band saw box and I haven't really used a band saw much in 30 years. I made this as an Xmas gift for my daughter and thought the secret drawer was a nice touch

Step 1: Creating a Design

You will need a band saw, drill press or router and round-over bit, belt sander and sand paper. I uses 1x6 cedar and laminated 4 pieces ańd 1/4" birch plywood. Deciding on a size and design for your band saw box is up to your imagination. keep in mind that it can't be any deeper than your band saws cut depth. I started with a laminated block about 6"W 10"L 4"D and drew up a rough design. After cutting the outside of the box, I traced the shape on a piece of paper to make my final design. I also marked the backs of all the drawers to make things easier later

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting Drawers

After drawing the final pattern I lined up the paper on my blank and traced over my lines pressing slightly harder. Pic 3 shows that there is a slight imprint on the blank that I can now follow to draw out the drawers. this is also the time for final adjustments. Pay attention to where you cut in for your drawers Then just cut out the drawers.

Step 3: Gluing the Cabinet

I made wood filler from glue and band saw dust so it would match the colour of the box and glued the cut-ins to hide them. When I clamped it I used the first cut-off to match the shape of the side. This makes it easier to hold it all

Step 4: Cutting the Drawers

cut the front and back off the drawers then cut out the center so when the ends are glued back on, the 3 pieces make a drawer. I wanted to add a secret drawer so I cut off only the front of the bigger drawer, cut out the small drawer, then cut the back off the big drawer in pics 3,4 and 5.

Step 5: Sanding

lightly sand drawers and holes so drawers slide smoothly. Try to sand back of drawer rather than front of hole so when the drawer is closed it still matches the hole

Step 6: Drilling for Knobs and Making Swinging Bars

to use 3/8 dowel for the knobs I drilled a shallow hole less than half the thickness of the front. I had to cut a piece of scrap on an angle to support the fronts while I drilled them and on hindsight I would drill the holes in the drawer blanks before cutting them out. As far as the back I just placed my cabinet on some 1/4" birch plywood I had, traced it out to cut on the band saw and glued it to the back. I also cut 1/2" long 3/8 dowel and glued them in for knobs. For the necklace and bracelet drawers I wanted swinging bars. I started with scrap 1x4 and cut it in half the than way to make 2 +-3/4" halves. I then drilled a 3/8" hole that will be for the "c" piece and a 13/32" hole that will be for the "j" piece. I then trimmed them with the band saw and sanded them down to fit the 2" long 3/8" dowel I cut. cut a finishing nail just shorter than the hight of the "c" piece and drill a 1/16" hole through the " c " piece and the dowel. press the nail. through the hole. Position the pieces on the drawers, glue and clamp or, um, zip tie the parts.

Step 7: The Base

I found a scrap piece and cut it about 3" wider and longer than the bottom of the box, cut out an interesting shape and used my belt sander to give the edges some texture. I also used a round-over bit to clean up the edge on the back

Step 8: Finish

I gave everything a quick sanding. I stained the cabinet with golden pecan and mixed a little dark walnut in to darken the stain for the drawers. If you like my instructable please vote for it

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