Introduction: Barn Door Kite by Tim and Wil

About: I am the teacher of a project future and robotics class at a Durango middle school. All projects created by this account are created by middle school students aged 12-14.

Today we will create a modified Barn Door Kite, follow the instruction in this Instructable and you should end out with something that looks like the picture above (With exceptions of color and size. We created this for our KIte Unit in Mr. Skinner's Project Future class at Escalante Middle School

Step 1: Materials

To make up the materials for this project we have provided a picture and a list of what you will need to build this kite.

  • 30x20 Tissue Paper (Color May Vary)
  • Meter Stick
  • Scissors
  • Elmers Glue All
  • 1 31.5" Bamboo Spar
  • 2 26.5" Bamboo Spars
  • Two Different Color Tissue Paper Scraps (Different color from main sail, size may vary)
  • Spool of String
  • Cutters (Scissors can work)

Step 2: Folding the 20x30 Tissue Paper

Start with the 20x30" tissue paper sheet laid with the 30" side up and the 20" sides to the right and left. Fold the top of the sheet to the bottom so that you have a 15x20" sheet instead of your original 20x30" sheet. Shown in picture above.

Step 3: Drawing the Edge Lines

About 1" down from the top of the 15x20" sheet, draw a 12.5" line from the right side to the left (Right side should have crease, this is vital for the kite construction)

Now, about 2" up from the bottom of the paper, draw a 5" line from the right side to the left (Right side should have crease, this is vital for kite construction) Images shown above.

Step 4: Connecting the Lines

Now you have to connect the two lines you drew in the previous step. From the left hand end of the 12.5" line, draw a 2" line leading to the edge of the paper. The angle of this line determines the shape of your sides so be accurate.

Now from the left edge of the 2" line that you just drew (Should be on the open end of the paper) draw a 15" line connecting this line to the left edge of the 5" one. Line length might vary depending upon your measurement of the 5" line.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Sail

Now we have to cut out the sail of the kite, cutting along the lines that you've drawn (Cut accurately it will determine your flight capabilities) and you will have your kite sail. The picture above will show how the sail should form.

Step 6: Placing Bamboo Spars

Place a line of glue from the middle corner (left or right) to the symmetrical corner (left or right), this should be the middle corner. Place the 31.5" bamboo spar on this line of glue. Press down spar on glue for 30 seconds to a minute. Make sure there is about 1" off bamboo hanging off the edge of the sail paper. This is important for bowing you kite later on.

Step 7: Placing Diagonal Spars

Now from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, place a thin line of glue, this will overlap your first spar. Place the 26.5" spar on this fresh glue line.

Repeat the instructions above on the top right corner to the bottom left corner. This time it should overlap the spar you just placed and the horizontal spar.

Step 8: Cutting Out the Bottom Triangle

The spars that you just placed should make a triangle at the bottom of the kite, pointed at in the picture above. Cut along the spars to make the second picture above.

Step 9: Cutting Out Corner Triangles

Now in the top right and left corners, there should be two more triangles. Pointed out in the first picture, cut out these corners.

Step 10: Designing the Sail

Now to begin the design of the sail. Draw a circle on one color of scrap that you have, size may vary depending on your interest. First picture shown above, now draw a wavy line down the middle of the circle. Repeat these steps on the other color of scrap paper. Cut out both circles, shown in second picture. Cut down the wavy line in the middle of the circles. Place two opposite colors together, shown in third picture. Now place glue on the back of both pieces, and place together on the sail. Shown in fourth picture.

Step 11: Finishing Design on Sail

Cut out two smaller circles, that will fit on the yin yang design. Use a very small dab of glue to put the small circles on the design background. Wait for the glue to dry. Should look like picture above, if so, then your design is finished.

Step 12: Bowing Your Kite

Now in order for your kite to fly, we have to bow it. This makes it so that the kite can fly with enough drag but not too much. Cut a piece of string that is a little over the width of the middle spars. Tie a small loop on one end of the string and then place it on either middle spar. Grab the other end of the string and tie it to the other end of the spar, make sure to put tension on the spar. Should look like first picture above. Now repeat the steps above but on the bottom two spars, should look like second picture above. Kite should look like third picture above.

Step 13: Bridle

Cut out three 25" pieces of string. Poke small holes in the areas that are shown above. Tie one of the 25" strings to each of the holes, shown in the fourth picture above. Now pulling all of them up to equal length, tie the three of them together, double knot or triple knot to ensure that the strings will stay together. now create a small loop where you tied the three strings together and tie the end of your spool of string to the loop. Shown in the fifth picture. Now you have your finished and ready for flight kite.

Step 14: Finished Product

We have finished our Modified Yin Yang Barn Door kite. IT is prepared and ready to fly when the wind is right.

Step 15: In Flight

Here is a quick picture of the kite in flight. With enough wind it should soar!

Our bridle knot slipped causing it to fly upside down, but it still flies great!