Introduction: Barrel Coffee Table

Tired of shopping for expensive coffee tables? Have you outgrown IKEA furniture? Want to show off your DIY skills while being able to put a part of YOU in it? Well look no more as this easy DIY Barrel Coffee Table is for you!

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

  • Half Wooden Barrel - I bought a 26" diameter one from Home Depot (link here).
  • 26" Round Glass Table Top, 1/4" Thick (preferably tempered glass) - You can buy any type of glass table top online. Make sure the glass is at least the diameter of the table you have.
  • One Bag of Packing Peanuts - 22.5 gal should be enough (link here)
  • One 15lb bag of dry pinto beans - I bought mine at my local grocery store, online will do as well
  • One roll of paper towels or cardboard
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl Surface Bumpers (link here)
  • Whatever you want to put inside the barrel table (old childhood toys, collectables, video games, polaroid film, etc.)

Step 2: Bring Out the Barrel Table!

Set aside the barrel table in an open space

Step 3: Fill the Barrel With the Bag of Styrofoam Peanuts

Leave about 7-8" of space from the top of the barrel table. I used styrofoam peanuts to make the table lighter which allows me to easily move the table around the house.

Step 4: Cover the Styrofoam Peanuts With Paper Towels/Cardboard

This step is to prevent the pinto beans from mixing with the styrofoam peanuts. Alternatively you can cut out a cardboard circle as a top to cover the styrofoam peanuts.

Step 5: Cover the Paper Towels/Cardboard With Pinto Beans

I used pinto beans as they last years. Try not to use beans that produce oil (Ex. coffee beans) as this will overtime stain your table and whatever items you put in it. You don't want to ruin your precious treasures!

Step 6: Bring Out Your Treasures!

This is the fun part! Take out your treasures and start sticking them inside the table! I brought old toys I used to play with when I was a kid, things I collected in Japan, and various other polaroid films and video games.

Step 7: The Important Thing Is to Have Fun!

Feel free to get creative with how you sort your items!

Step 8: Add the Self-Adhesive Vinyl Surface Bumpers Around the Edges

Place as many bumpers as you need. I suggest at least 8 evenly around the barrel. You can place one, then place another one at the opposite end, and repeat until you feel you have enough.

Step 9: Your Barrel Table Should Look Like This

Step 10: Place the Glass Table Top Onto the Barrel Table

It should look something like this! You are now ready to show off your new DIY coffee table!

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