Introduction: Bartending for Beginners: White Lady

Recently, I discovered that I enjoy making cocktails for my guests while I am entertaining. In order to expand my drink selection, I started looking online for some drink recipes. I wanted to pass on these recipies to yo all so I decided to make a mini series of guides. The first drink I made for the series is called a white lady. This is a fruity and sour drink that is great with dinner.

Step 1: Supplies

This cocktail is pretty easy to make, all you will need is a drink shaker, some gin, triple sec (you can also use Cointreau), and finally some lemon juice. You can garnish the glass with a lime spiral. There are other variations of this drink that are more complicated but I wanted to go with a quick and simple approach.

Step 2: Prepare the Shaker

Since this is a shaken not stirred drink, you will need to utilize a drink shaker. To both help cool your drink and to agitate and mix the ingredients add about half a shaker full of ice.

Step 3: Add the Ingredients and Shake

To make the cocktail you need to pour all of the ingredients into the shaker. Pour 2 oz gin, 1 oz tripe sec, and 1 oz lemon juice into the shaker. Close the shaker, hold the lid on and shake vigorously. Shake for about 15-30 seconds should be more than enough to mix the ingredients.2oz

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy!

Once the ingredients are mixed, pour into a chilled glass. If you are trying to get points for presentation, cut a spiral of a lime and garnish the edge of glass with it. Whether you garnish it or not, your white lady is ready. So sit back and enjoy it yourself or serve for your guests to enjoy. Thanks for reading!