Basic Anime Eyes Tutorial Using Photoshop

Introduction: Basic Anime Eyes Tutorial Using Photoshop

Hi, you guys! :D I'm Shinigami-san  and I would like to present to you my first Instructables ! Please look at the following Powerpoint for instructions on how to draw basic anime eyes using Photoshop .
Please R&R and attach the eyes you've drawn after going through this tutorial! ^^
~ Shinigami-san

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, thank you! :) Haha, sorry about that, I was worried that people wouldn't understand what I was talking about, so I tried to be as thorough as possible.
    1. Wait, what's the Step-By-Step format?
    2. WOAHHHH. O___O""" You can do that? Omggg, I had no idea what Saturation did tbh. XD In fact, I would still say I'm a beginner at Photoshop.
    3. Uhhh... >.>" My bad. Haha, I just made the tutorial as though I was speaking to one of my friends via chat, also this is a tutorial I made from 2 years ago.
    4. Oh, that's true... Hm, using filters could also work, no?
    5. Yeahhhhhhhh...but most people aren't as techy as you are to know how to change the mouse sensitivity settings. :P
    Heyyyyy, no problem. I was thinking about making another tutorial this summer because I have more free time (I haven't logged onto Instructables ever since I made this tutorial). Any ideas?
    ~ ShinigamiSan

    Okay, first off, excellent instructions! (although they were a bit redundant for me because I know photoshop inside and out)

    Some critiques from a semi-experienced Instructables and Photoshop user:

    1. Use the Step-By-Step format. While it takes a bit of time to set it up, it is much more intuitive for us long-time users!

    2.Retracing is kinda redundant. Simply hit Ctrl-A (Select All), then Ctrl-U (Hue-Saturation), then turn lightness to -100. Presto, Black! If you want grey, turn Saturation to -100, then adjust lightness to your preference.

    3. Keep emoticons to a minimum.

    4. another way to blend colors (what I typically do, at any rate), is to use the pencil tool to draw hard spots of the 2 colors I want, then use the smudge tool to blend them. I generally like doing this over gradients because it gives me more control.

    5. To quote: "However, I advise against using a mouse-pad because it restricts movements and maybe even the quality of the piece."

    Not if you have your mouse set to go across the screen when moved a quarter of an inch. ;)

    Overall, I found this quite helpful! Thanks for posting.