Basic Crochet Yarn and Chain Bracelet Tutorial




Introduction: Basic Crochet Yarn and Chain Bracelet Tutorial

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Make this easy mixed media crochet bracelet in next to no time using metal chain as the foundation row.  It only requires basic single crochet. Even if you don't know how to crochet, the following steps will show you how to get started. 

This project is  a great yarn stash buster!  You are not limited to yarn, experiment with crochet thread, thin leather cord or even thin wire.  The possibilities are endless.  For several other variations including how to add beads, please check this post on The Beading Gem's Journal.

Step 1: Materials

This project uses 6x4 mm aluminium curb chain, worsted weight yarn and a 2.55 mm crochet hook.  If you wish to use smaller chain or thinner yarn or even thread, experiment with different size hooks to ensure you can insert the hook into a link to hook up the yarn or thread.

Measure your wrist and cut the chain to the right length after allowing for ease (about 3/4") and the addition of jump rings and a clasp.

You will also need a large hole needle like a tapestry needle for weaving in the ends.

Make a starting slip knot and hook the loop up.  If you are new to crochet, check out the first 3 steps shown here.

Step 2: Begin Single Crochet Along One Side of Chain

Hold the chain as shown and poke the hook through the link and pull up a loop. This will add a second loop onto the hook.

Step 3: Complete the First Single Crochet

Do a yarn over with the crochet hook and pull this loop through the two loops on the hook.  This completes a single crochet stitch.

Step 4: Continue Single Crochet Down the Chain

Repeat the previous two steps with every link of the chain.  Try and crochet loosely. The chain will kink up slightly but it should straighten out after you do the other side.

Step 5: Turning

After completing the last link, make an extra chain and turn the work.

Step 6: Second Single Crochet Row

Insert the hook through both loops of each of the previous stitches. Yarn over and pull up a second loop.  Yarn over again and pull this loop through both loops on the hook.  This is exactly the same single crochet step as before.

Step 7: Weave in the Ends

When you get to the end of the second row, cut the yarn. Leave enough length for weaving.  Weave both ends in.  Repeat all the steps for the second side. You may need to wriggle the chain a bit to make sure it straightens out.

Step 8: Attach the Clasp

Once both sides are done and the ends are neatly woven in, attach jump rings and a clasp of your choice of your choice.

Step 9: Other Variations

You can also use other crochet stitches, mix in different colors and use different materials.  Please check out this blog post to see how you can add beads, use leather and so on to make your creation uniquely yours.

The Beading Gem's Journal has a whole lot more of inspiring jewelry making tutorials and design inspirations to spark your creativity.

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    3 years ago

    Trabalho simples e fica lindo. Podendo expandir com criatividade sem limite.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    They look gorgeous! I love the ones with the beads.