Introduction: Basic Guide to Grow Micro 'green'

Hi all,

This is my first instructable and I'm very excited to post this, as I love to garden, design circuits and curios about electronics. Out of my fav list I would to like post my instructable in gardening topic.. Nowadays micro greens are so famous and popular because of their benefits as well the fact it requires very less space to grow them. Anybody can try it and grow it for own. Recently I tried, hence I have documented it for newbie's like me, sensing that it will be useful.

Microgreen are great, tasty, healthy and nutritious. I tasted it in salad in restaurant so I thought why not to grow it by myself.

Step 1: Supplies

a. Microgreen tray - 2 Nos (I bought these in amazon)

b. Microgreen seeds - Wheat, radish, fenugreek, mustard and red amaranthus

c. Empty plastic containers - Packing box they use for veggie and baby corns

d. Soil - As required

e. Plastic stand (optional)

Step 2: Fenugreek Seed Soaking

Overnight take a handful of fenugreek seed and soak in water, next day morning drain the water

Step 3: Sprouting

Take a wet cloth, spread all your soaked seeds cover it with a wet cloth and leave it for a day, next day morning you'll see cute sprouts

Step 4: Plough the Tray

Now its time for farming, I mean micro green farming. As you see tray already has holes in them for extra to drain away. always check that before soil in a container, once done checking add soil to 1/2 of the tray. Do the same for two tray, leave little paths for seeds, don't push the soil and make it stiff. It has to be little loose

Step 5: Container Trays

These food and veggie package box will not have holes, so you have to poke holes at the bottom for all the containers used. After that fill soil in them upto 3/4 height

Step 6: Seeding

Add your sprouted fenugreek and other seeds directly i.e., wheat, mustard, radish and red amaranthus. After seeding add soil to tray upto 3/4 height. You can keep in indoor but sunlight should be able to enter and visit the micro greens once in a while, are else they will be yellowish in colour.

Step 7: First Greens

Put newspaper above wheat and add water to it to keep it moist, meanwhile next day morning after seeding fenugreek is the first micro green to see the outside world as it was sprouted first.

Step 8: Other Green Sprouting

Followed by two day of seeding i.e, it was seeded on 12/08/20, they started showing green on 14/08/20. All seeds except wheat :(

Step 9: Fenugreek on 14/08/20

They have grown little taller about 1 inch, but few seeds were still sprouting.

Step 10: Growth on August 15

All the micro green has grown about 1 to 1/2 inch height. Red amaranthus stems are very weak at this stage, you have to be careful while watering. Mainly use a sprayer to spray water, don't pour water on any micro green as they have just started growing and they are fragile.

Step 11: August 16 Photoshoot

So now everybody is visibly green, isn't adorable !! see the beauty of red amaranthus, stems are reddish but the leaves are green, nature beauty.

Step 12: Same August 16

Now fenugreek have grown about 2 inch and stems are little stiff. Do you know why micrograms are best, they can grow anywhere - indoor or outside (not too tropical), occupies very less space. They are fresh to be eaten and god damn nutritious.

Step 13: August 17

Radish have outgrown the compartment height, i.e., if I try to take its hitting the plastic stand. Mustard in both bowls are grown well and looks crunchy

This is fifth day growth and see how fast they are, soon ill post the harvest photo too.

Step 14: My Favourite Micro Green

Now all the fenugreek have given a heads up and almost opened up their leaves and showing true green beauty - nature's beauty. When its comes to the word nature, everybody thinks of green colour. It really gives a relaxing and soothing feel when you are surrounded by nature, i.e., surrounded by green colour that's the power of it. But in major cities these are not be seen as it has tall buildings , corporates and everything.

So this instructable is about bringing the nature to you in small tray even though your are in space constrain and couldn't own a big garden or more spaces with ground plants.

These are very economic and didn't even much effort either. Please let me know opinion or even tips I'm all ears. If you like this documentation, Please vote for me in rainbow contest. I'm participating for Green colour - nature's colour in rainbow contest.

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