Introduction: Basic Minecraft Underground Room

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This is my first instructable and I will be showing you a very basic underground house that I made in MCPE. You can also make it on any other console. :)

Step 1: Locate a Good Spot

When you build something it has to be in a good place. You can build anywhere but for today I picked a flat grassy area.

Step 2: Start Digging!

Now you can start digging. About 3-5 blocks deep and 3-5 by 3-5 blocks big is good enough but if you want to go bigger then go ahead! Make sure there is a hole to enter through maybe one or two blocks big.

Step 3: Fence or Border

You should build some sort of fence or border to make the entrance more visible. I used Oak planks for this step.

Step 4: Decorate Your Room

Inside this tiny room I put some basic minecraft necessities. A bed, stonecutter, crafting table, furnace and a large chest. I did put a bedside table with a "lamp", white carpet and a painting just to make it look a little better. You can add or remove and decorate in any way that you prefer. Add some lights too... :)

Step 5: Don't Forget the Ladder!

How would you get down to your marvellous room? Of course with a ladder (or stairs). Don't forget to build them. :D

Step 6: Trapdoor

Now you need to add a trapdoor to keep out those pesky mobs.

Step 7: Add Lights Above Your Room

This will help you find your underground room at night.

Step 8: Now You Have Your Underground Room!

All done! Have fun with your room and thanks for taking a look at my first instructable! :) ♡♥♡