Introduction: Basic Neuroscience for Anyone to Get Started

This is to anyone who would like to get a head start before learning neuroscience professionally or take an online neuroscience course. This is ultimately all you'd need to know and everything that will help you in this learning journey as a beginner.

I am purely speaking of experience and this is a compilation of everything I was required to know before stepping into neuroscience.

I have also compiled them so that you'd have an idea of what will be learned when looking into neuroscience, that way you can decide before its too late, whether or not this was the right thing for you.

Step 1: Learn About Neuroplasticity

Step 2: Learn About the Nervous System Support and Protection

Step 3: Learn About the Fundamental Unit of the Nervous System - the Neurons

Step 4: Complete Beginner Guide on the Spinal Cord and Its Gross Anatomy

Step 5: Learn About How Our Brain Learns.