Introduction: Basic Triple Sandwich

today we are going to make a triple bimbo bread sandwich with very basic ingredients


You can do it with the ingredients that you like the most but I have done it with the following:

bimbo bread 3 slices

cheese 5 slices

York ham 4 slices

salami 8 slices

Step 1: First Step

first we take out the first slice of bread and then we place a slice of cheese 4 of salami and 1 of ham and we will have completed the first part

Step 2: Second Step

we place the next slice of bread and repeat the process

Step 3: Third Step

We put the last slice of bread and it should look like this

Step 4: Four Step

we put the sandwich in the sandwich maker about 30 seconds

Step 5: Result

this is the result now you just have to enjoy it bon apetite :)

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