Introduction: Basketball Shooting Game

Hi there, basketball enthusiast

Each new year's eve we gather with some friend at someone's place. We decided on buying presents which would not cost more than €5 and would be suitable for both men and women.

Being 'the creative one' I was requested to make a game that would decide who could pick a random present first.

One of the activities in the game was this basketball shootout I created from some leftovers lying around the basement.

(Note: some more pictures following soon!)

Step 1: Supplies

As this game is made with leftovers this is just a general guideline of materials you could use.

The materials I found:

  • Basket ring toy
  • 2 wooden closet doors: 60 cm x 30 cm
  • 2 pieces of wood: 30 cm long
  • 6 metal bars: 30 cm long
  • root cloth
  • net (for protecting vegetable garden)
  • Cardboard

Tools I used:

  • Wood drill
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • string
  • small rubber bands
  • scissors
  • circular saw

Step 2: The Base

First things first: making a standing base to attach the ring.

I started with sawing one of the closet doors in half, lengthwise. These 2 half's were attached to the sides of the other closet door.

The wooden doors were attached by first drilling some holes in the side panels, then screwing the pieces together. I used 4 screws on each side. Wood glue might do the trick here as well.

Step 3: Ball Returning Thingy

With the arcade games we used to play when going to a fair in my mind, I thought it would be neat to have a tilted court which would make the balls come back themselves.

First I was thinking of making it in wood as well, but that would make it a lot heavier and difficult to take apart. I still had to carry it to the party.

So, I gathered 6 metal bars of an old pergola and a piece of root cloth. I attached one bar on each side of the base. A little next to the attachment I made another hole with a screw sticking out. This would keep the bar on a certain height. The other bars could then just be slid on the first one.

Next, I cut out a piece of cloth with the length of the bars (3x30 cm) and a bit broader then the main board (+/- 40 cm). The cloth was then attached to the bars and the base using pieces of string. I had to cut some holes in the cloth and drill some holes in the base and the sides of the base for tying it up.

Step 4: Stop Them Balls

When throwing a ball it would now already return. However, they would just roll onto the ground.

This was easily fixed using a small piece of cardboard. I glued/taped to small pencils to the cardboard, sticking out a little. 2 holes were cut right net to it. This would come in handy to tie the cloth later on.

Cutting 2 holes in it could be slid over the ends of the bars. I bent the end of the bars afterwards so it would stay put. (the bars weren't all that solid and easily bent)

After that I attached the cloth to the cardboard by cutting again two holes in the cloth and using 2 rubber bands. Sticking the rubber band through the cloth and cardboard and hanging it over the pencil on both sides, this keeps the balls from falling down.

Step 5: Side Nets

When shooting hoops now a lot of balls could jump all over the place. Adding some side nets could prevent that.

I used 2 small pieces of wood with a screw on each side. One side was then screwed on the top of the side board. I am using only one screw so the net could be folded in when not playing. Another 2 tiny screws were placed on each piece of wood to keep the net in place.

Then I cut out two pieces of the net and attached them on the screws. Another screw was inserted in the bars (the holes were already there). The net could be secured there as well.

Step 6: Mounting the Ring

Almost finished.

There was only one hole in the ring's board. I cut two other holes in the upper corners to be able to secure it a little better to the base.

Two holes were already drilled in the base. Using another 2 screws the ring gets mounted.

Gather some balls and play ball!

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