Introduction: Batch Pc Speed Up Tool

Is your computer slow and you don't want to download a suspicious looking software well here's a tool that will get you some hard disk space with out deleting important files
Look here if you don't trust me.

Step 1: To Begin

Open notepad and type the following code

@echo off
Title pc quick clean by
Echo WARNING: this file will delete files if you contiue
Cd /d %temp%
Del *.*
Cd low
Del *.*
:: coded by
Echo complete please email me if you have suggestions or like the code

Step 2: The Code Explained

Over time programs save temporary files to the %temp% folder which become unnessesary and should be deleted periodically.

@echo off cls clears the screen
Echo prints text to the screen
Pause pauses the file
Del *.* deletes all files in a folder
Cd changes the folder to delete files in

Step 3: The End

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