Introduction: Extract Pictures From Word Documents

Do you have pictures that are in a word document but you just want to see the pictures? The following tutorial will show you how to extract them.

Step 1: Rename the File With the .zip or .7z Extention

To do this hit shift and right click in (not on) the folder that contains the document. Now click open command prompt here. Type ren NAMEOFDOCUMENT.docx please note if the name of the document contains spaces either get rid of the spaces or surround the name in quotes or this won't work. For example: ren "my name.docx" "my"

Step 2: Extract the Files

Right click on the zip file and click extract files.

Step 3: Now Open the Folder

Once you open the folder you should see a few folders open the one named Word then open Media. Your pictures should be inside!

Step 4: The End

Thanks everyone for viewing my instructable if you liked it you can see more here!