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Introduction: Bathroom Caddy

This is a cute little bathroom caddy to hold your tooth powder, brush, water glass, beard oil, or whatever. I made this out of scrap wood and finished with a whitewash. I made three at one time because you can never have enough.

I do not give measurements because you can make these any size you wish with the material at hand.

I used the following tools but one could easily get by with all hand tools:

band saw

table saw

cordless drill

cordless impact driver


You will need wood, screws, and finish of choice.

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Step 1: Gather Your Wood and Supplies

You will need wood and screws. You can use any type of wood that you have around. I have this wood that was someone else's project leftovers, so this is my choice. I always use GRK screws. The hex head is easy to drive and they look good!

Step 2: Cut the Bottom and Sides

I cut the bottom and sides using a straight line and the bandsaw. You can play with the dimensions to make this hold the desired objects from your bathroom.

Step 3:

For the top rail I decided to notch the side and rip a board to make a small square strip to attach. This keeps everything inside the caddy and also strengthens it a bit.

Step 4:

The pieces screw together and then the caddy will need some sanding. Pre-drill your holes to keep the wood from splitting and sand until you are happy with the results. I sanded to 100 grit as this doesn't need to be real smooth.

Step 5: Finish

I wanted a bleached white look for mine, so I stained with Minwax pickled white finish. Two coats seemed to do the job well and then I sprayed with Minwax water based sealant.

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    These look amazing and so useful. It is true that we can never have enough storage space in the bathroom!

    That is portable so taking those toiletries around becomes so much easier. However, it might not last long because of the wooden material that absorbs moisture easily and deteriorate quickly.


    3 years ago

    Nice and simple, I like it!