Introduction: Bathroom Counter

So my bathroom was awful.. the floor was actually worse than the counter, but I did the floor tile the traditional way so this is about the counter top. As the pictures show it’s gotta go! My counter is a strange shape because of a clothes chute and where the door opens. I had a new treatment planned for every surface of the room from a ceiling to the fixtures and lights and a custom counter was not in the budget. I decided to get a high quality vinyl shelf paper.
I used this one: Marble Granite Look Effect Interior Film Self Adhesive Pre-Pasted Wallpaper Shelf Liner there are a variety of options

Step 1:

I started by cutting the old counter to fit my new sink.

Step 2:

I cleaned the counter after and then used rubbing alcohol on it to make sure there wasn’t any residue left on it.

Step 3:

I cut the size with a little extra and started in the far corner, If I had know I would have started in the middle and worked outward or overlapped the wall a little and cut back more after. As it was I ended up pulling up a fair amount to shift it over, which is not fun, but for the record can be done without damaging the vinyl.
Work air pockets out as you go, and you can manipulate them out after as well but it takes more work!

Step 4:

I took a long thin strip for the edge and applied it in on long strip.
I went at a slight angle with a razor blade and trimmed the top edge and it really looks totally legit.

Step 5:

It cleans great and looks awesome! I am really pleased with it and would definitely recommend for short or long term and even as a way to figure out what look or color you want if your going to get a new top made. I’m super happy with the color so I know what to have one made of if/when I have it done.

Step 6: BEFORE

Step 7: AFTER

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