Introduction: Bathroom Sink Pop-up Plunger Fix

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At our house the bathroom sink pop-up plunger keeps working it’s way off the lift rod. What a pain to keep fixing. This Simple hack has worked for months now.

Step 1: Find a Nut Larger Than You Lift Rod.

The lift rod makes the pop-up, pop up. This rod is not very big but I have never measured one. I think the nut I found in my miscellaneous box was 5/16”. It was also wide enough to drill and tap a 1/4” tap I already had.

Step 2: Drill and Tap

It is easy these days to find a drill and tap combination bit. I already had one for another project. It is 1/4” with 20 threads per inch. If you have to by one, make sure you have a screw to fit it. Make sure you hold the nut to be tapped in a vice. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HOLD IT.

Step 3: Test the Fit

Make sure the bolt fits the tap.

Step 4: Almost There

The bolt should lock down tight on the lift rod. Before you crawl under the sink test the fit on the end of a drill bit.

Step 5: Under the Sink

Place the clevis back on the lift rod. Make sure the keeper goes on first, then capture the clevis with the other end. Place your new threaded nut on the end and tighten. Crawl back out and pat yourself on the back. You shouldn’t need to go back there for a long time.

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