Introduction: Batta Batta ( Fortune Teller )

you will need a square piece of paper and thats it

Step 1:

start with a square piece of paper

Step 2:

fold your piece of paper in half diagonally, then unfold.

Step 3:

fold diagonally again but in the opposite direction, now unfold again.

Step 4:

fold all corners of your paper into the center where the two fold lines meet.

Step 5:

turn your piece of paper over, all edges still folded and fold the new edges over.

Step 6:

now fold your paper in half horizontally .

Step 7:

now find the flaps of paper on each side of your batta batta and pinch under the flaps with your two thumbs and index finger.

Step 8:

now bring all your sides together and you have a batta batta or a fortune teller.