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I got tired of my batteries roaming wild in my junk drawer and decided to build them a new home.

Each of these designs will make a rack that measures 192 mm x 145 mm (7.5" x 5.75")

All files are also available at

Step 1: Assorted Battery Holder

I originally designed it to have a solid base, but then I reworked it to have a mesh base to cut down on filament use and print time.

The top and bottom are each 5 mm high.

To maximize filament and time efficiency, print the base of your choice, as many spacers(see next step) as you think you will need ( I used 2 D, 1 C, 2AA, 2 AAA, and 2 9V) and then a top to match.

The pre-made assorted battery holder (battery holder mesh base.stl, Battery holder top.stl) will hold:

4 D cell

5 C cell

40 AA

30 AAA

4 9V

8 CR2032 button cell batteries

Step 2: Spacers

These spacers are all 20 mm high. Combined with the top and bottom from the previous step, the holder will be 30 mm high.

Step 3: Make Your Own

In case you have different battery needs, here is an assortment of different sized battery rings separated by size as well as a mesh base.

Feel free to mix and match to suit your needs.

Step 4: Size Specific Racks

Here are a few racks designed for just one size of battery per rack.

The D cell holder (Battery holder D cell only.stl) will hold 20 batteries

The C cell holder (Battery holder C cell only.stl) will hold 35 batteries

Step 5: Reworking the Design to Be More Efficient

In order to make a more efficient print I retooled the rack for the C cell batteries.

The modified files, Battery holder C cell only short top.stl, and Battery holder C cell only short bottom.stl.

Using these files and 5 of the C cell spacers will make a rack that will still hold 35 C cells, but it will take about half of the amount of filament to print and be done in just over half as long.

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