Introduction: Battle Axe

Greetings !

My son and I decided to convert some metal junk into something more useful like a battle axe - in case of zombies and such. Enjoy and be safe.


- the blade is made of an old sprocket from a dirt bike

- the shaft is composed on the two rail road spikes

- the handle is a chain

- the grip is also two rail road spikes wrapped into leather belt.

- spay paint


- welder

- grinder

- personal protective equipment: gloves, eye protection,

SAFETY: use common sense with the grinder. The fingers are not like hair - they don't grow back.

Step 1: The Blade

The blade is an old sprocket from a dirt bike.

We cut it in two, smoothed the edges, and removed any burrs.

Next we welded strips of steel for blade to shaft connection.

Step 2: The Shaft and Handle

The shaft was made of two rail road spikes. They were cut and the long pieces were welded to create one long spike.

The handle was a chain. More welding / grinding ...

Step 3: The Grip

The grip - two rail road spikes welded back to back.

We wrapped it up in a leather belt after we spray painted the entire axe.

Step 4: Final Assembly

... more welding, grinding and polishing.

Silver spray paint for the body and a bit of brown spray paint on the head to create deeper dimensions ...

Thanks for viewing !!