Introduction: Beach Blanket Valuable Concealer

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What do you do with your valuables when you go swimming at the beach on vacation and there is no one left on the blanket to watch them? You’ve got keys, wallets, phones, cameras… Do you stuff them in your shoe? Or “hide” them in your beach bag? Those things are pretty easy for a thief to swipe; they can just walk past and grab your bag or shoes. Or maybe even sit down and pretend like it’s their blanket, then pick them up and leave. Nothing is totally safe, but we can make it a bit harder for someone to steal your stuff by making a Beach Blanket Valuable Concealer.

Step 1: Supplies

Old Sheet (preferably one with a busy design on) to be used as a beach blanket

Plastic Food Storage Container with Lid




Sewing Machine




Plastic Ziploc Bag

Step 2: Get a Sheet

Get an old sheet, preferably one with a busy design on it.This will help disguise the flap we will be making.

Step 3: Get a Storage Container

Get a plastic food storage container with a snap on lid. The size will depend on what you want to hide; I got a fairly large one because it had to fit a camera.

Step 4: Trace Your Container

Put your container smack dab in the middle of the sheet and just trace around it with the chalk. You will be making a flap in the middle of your sheet/beach blanket, which underneath will conceal the box with your valuables.

Step 5: Cut the Flap

Cut three sides of the outline of the container on your sheet.

Step 6: Pin Flap Edges

Turn under and pin the edges of the flap so they don’t unravel. Also turn under and pin the around the edges of the flap’s hole.

Step 7: Sew Hem

Sew a hem around the flap edges. Also hem the hole. You'll be left with a big gap around the flap that we’ll have to close.

Step 8: Close Gap

Turn the sheet on its back. You’ll be making seams up and down around the flap to close the gap, that way that you can shut the flap. Create a small fold in the fabric until the flap and the edge of the hole overlap about half an inch, and pin all the way up and down the entire sheet. Do this for all 3 sides of the flap.

Step 9: Sew on Velcro

It would have looked nicer if I had used long strips of white Velcro, but I only had a small piece of black Velcro, so I cut it into pieces. I pinned the hooked sides around the hole, and pinned the looped sides to the underside of the flap. Make sure each piece matches its mate. Sew it on.

Step 10: Hide Your Stuff

Now when you go to the beach, lay your blanket down like usual. Pile your beach stuff in front of you. Discreetly open your flap, dig a hole in the sand and put your box in it. Seal your stuff in a Ziploc bag first, (just in case sand gets accidently knocked into the box.), then put it in the container. Close the flap. Sit your bag or a towel or something on top of it. Now it’s a little less likely that a thief will publicly take the time to move your blanket and dig in the sand to find your stuff when there are easier targets. Sure he might still run off with your bag, but he’ll only get sun screen and snacks rather than your keys, wallet, phones or cameras!

Step 11: Enjoy Your Swim!

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