Introduction: Beach/Salt Water Spray W. Aloe

Salt water spray is a nice way to make your hair look like you just came from the beach. But it is also really great as a dreadlock accelerator! And salt water spray is literally just what its called, so why go out and waste ton of money on the ones in the store?
I re-used the bottle from one that actually came from a store (H&M's, the only one I could find that didn't cost a fortune) and to my personal experience, the homemade one is just as good.

You will need:

  • A spray bottle
  • Salt
  • Lukewarm water
  • Aleo vera juice, or an aloe vera plant.
  • Lemon juice
  • Optional: Essence oil/fragrance

Things you will also need:

  • A funnel
  • A bowl (if you're going to crush an aloe plant)
  • Coffee/tea filter or cheesecloth

Step 1: Get That Nice Aloe!

The reason I add aloe vera to my salt water spray, is to make a little up for the possible damage salt can have on the hair strands. Aloe vera has a moisturizing and protecting effect without cancelling out the look from the salt.

If you already have pre-made aloe vera juice, just skip this step.

Cut off some 'branches' of the aloe plant (I used about 2 large ones for my bottle)
Slice it open lengthwise and cut it into smaller pieces. Put it in a bowl and crush it (I just used a small jar, but you can use whatever). Or you can just use your hands and crush it that way, but its a very gooey mess! (But good for the skin!).

Step 2: Add Salt

Get your funnel and get your salt. You can use sea salt for a more authentic feel, but I can't say of it really makes much of a different in the long run. I just used plain ol' table salt, and it works just as well.

You might want to add a little less than I did on this picture.
Add a few drops of lemon juice, and fill it with lukewarm water - but don't fill it all the way! There has to be room for the aloe goo!
Shake it! Shake it like a .. something that makes the salt dissolve.

Step 3: Pour It Together

Pour your salt/lemon/water mix in the bowl of gooey aloe vera.

Step 4: Strain It

Get your funnel again, and this time also something to filter with.

This is fairly important, unless you got some aloe juice that has a density like water. But fresh aloe goo is fairly thick and.. well, gooey. It will clog up in the spray bottle.

Pour your mix in, and watch it drip slowly drop by drop...... or do something else for a while.
If you get impatient (like I do!) you can squeeze it gently to speed it up. But unless you're using a cheesecloth or something else that doesn't easily rip open like coffee filters does, you need to be very careful!

Shake it all up before use, and store in a dark place.