Introduction: Beaded Star Shaped Earrings

This is a very easy to make pair of earrings for absolute beginners! Try it and you would simply Love it!

Step 1: Materials Required

Large flat disc shaped bead and small seed beads,Scissors, Needle and thread,Earring hooks.

Step 2: Method

Start by making a knot at the end of your thread. Note that your thread should be single stranded so that if you made any mistake it would be easier for you to remove it. I have used normal sewing thread for this but its better to use Nylon beading thread. Thread a seed bead at first (point #1) and pass through the large flat bead.

Step 3:

Once you have brought out your thread and needle through the opposite hole ( point #2) of your large bead start adding seed beads so that you have enough beads to fill up the space between your point #2 and your first seed bead (point #1).

Pass your needle through your first seed bead .(point #1).

Then pass your needle back again through all the seed beads so that they remain steady and tight .

Step 4:

Repeat the same process adding more beads until you complete the circumference of your larger bead.

Step 5:

Come back to your starting point #1 by passing the thread through all the seed beads again , bring out your needle and add more beads as per choice ( I added five beads). Leave out two beads from your ( first round) initial circle of beads that surround your large bead and thread through the third bead.

Continue this process until you come to the starting point again.

Step 6:

Join the hook onto a seed bead of your second round and your earrings are DONE!

Step 7:

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