Introduction: Beard Care

Beards are used as mans form of expression, and keeping them in good condition makes them appear much nicer not only to you, but everyone around you. To start off, the biggest thing you need is to do is play off your facial hair strengths. A beard grows in differently for everyone, so recognize your facial hairs growth patterns and play off them to create your new look. This link provided will give a few ideas of popular styles to try: I personally go with the natural styling and trim when needed. My beard although fairly thick, likes to curl, so I do my best to counteract that. After picking the style you want to go with you can proceed to the next step.

Step 1: Supplies

1) Beard shampoo or regular shampoo (beard shampoo recommended)

2) Detangler/Conditioner

3) Multiple combs

4) Beard oil/balm

5) Electric Razor

Step 2: Shower Time!

  • Take a nice warm/hot shower
  • Take either beard shampoo (image 2) or regular shampoo and massage into your beard
  • Rinse beard till all shampoo is out
  • (optional) massage conditioner into beard and rinse after fully applied

The reason conditioner is option is because a detangler is essentially the same but applied after the shower. Also for some people it makes their beard to greasy. It is really just personal preference here.

Here is a link to my beard wash:

Step 3: Tackle the Tangle

After the hot shower, your beard will still be pretty tangle and messy looking (Image 1, 2, 3).

To counter this problem:

  • Get a detangler as shown in Image 4
  • Take a pea sized drop as shown in Image 5
  • Massage into beard until beard is covered evenly
  • Take your combs as shown in Image 4 and comb beard till straight (Image 6)

Here is a link to the detangler that I use:

Here are some cheap combs:

Step 4: Trimming and Styling

This is the point where you can be creative! There is no right or wrong way to cut your beard but here are some things that I do.

  • Get a decent electric razor for beard sculpting
  • Keeping symmetry with a beard is recommended but you don't have to
  • I keep the natural look of my beard and only trim excess hair that grows a little higher on my cheeks, but this could be different depending on the style you go for
  • Keep a steady hand when cutting your beard, and make sure to use a mirror to check your lines on both sides of your face
  • Lastly have fun with it!

Once you have the shape of your beard taken care of you wanna keep it that way! this is when you apply beard oil or beard balm. I personally use beard oil, and in Image 2 you can see the amount I use. I take it in my hand and massage it into my beard and then just run a comb back through it one more time.

Here are some budget friendly trimmers:

My beard oil:

Step 5: Maintenance and Conclusion

Now that your beard is looking good you just have to maintain the look.

  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 every day
  • Apply oil or beard balm every day as well
  • Trimming should be done as needed (for me this is about once every couple of days)

For best result, showers should be taken in the morning. However, if you must shower at night, follow step 2 at night and steps 3 and 4 in the morning.

Now your beard is looking good! The best part is that you did it all on your own and can say that it is truly your own look!