Introduction: Beat Your Fear in Parkour

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The hardest thing when you start parkour is fear holding you back. It stops you from being able to do things, it makes you imagine the worst that could happen, and many other bad things. In this Instructable, I will show you how you can master your fear and truly start on your path to freerunning and parkour awesomeness!

Step 1: Make Sure You Know What You Have to Do

There is no point in attempting something if you outright know you can't do it. If you think you may be able to, proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Think About the Good Things That Will Come of It!

DO NOT think about the bad things, this will set you off worrying about them, and you may not be able to attempt this. Think about the places you may be able to reach, or the people you can impress. Good, not bad. Remember that. You may proceed!

Step 3: Motivate Yourself

Tell yourself you are able to do it. If necessary, get friends to cheer you on. You can do this, come on! Proceed!

Step 4: Do It!

Just go for what you want to do! Remember what you have to do, and stay focused. And remember: if you do it, don't stop there, keep going with it! Make sure it wasn't luck! Get good at it before you do anything else!

Well done, you have hopefully beaten your fear by this point! Remember not to do anything way out of your league, move slowly upwards and make sure you get good at something before you move on. Happy freerunning!