Introduction: TJSR-6

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This is my somewhat long-awaited sniper mech. I put it in a gun with a good strong barrel and comfortable stock, but for the most part this is just a gun to put a mechanism in.

Aside from this, the gun works very well and achieves easily the same range as the SRV2 if you put the same bands on it and had the same length barrel. It is also 5 layers thick, and has a barrel which won't eat up your yellow connectors.

Version History:
 * V1.0 - Failed.
 * V2.0 - Epic Fail.
 * V3.0 - Epic mega fail.
 * V4.0 - Posted, good range for a firing pin gun.
 * V5.0 - An attempt at making a new mech. This one failed.
 * V6.0 - Just a mechanism, worked very well and held the ammo in perfectly until the trigger was pulled.
 * V6.1 - A full gun, fired fine.
 * V6.2 - Big mods to the scope and grip.
 * V6.3 - A new stock.
 * V6-U - A cut down version of the sniper. Functioned the same, just with a wirestock and cut down piece consumption.

Use as:
War gun: Primary - 1/5. Its long reload time renders this useless in close combat.
War gun: Secondary - 4/5. If you want to be a sniper, great. Get a window!
Fun gun: Indoors - 2/5. You will break stuff. I broke a button on my blazer which I was aiming for.
Fun gun: Outdoors - 5/5. Incredibly accurate. Set up a "Coconut shy" type of thing, with cans and targets, and you have yourself a fun few hours outdoors.

Step 1: Handle and Trigger Mechanism

This is the core of the gun. The new mechanism is here, all that is needed to lock the ammo in place. It won't come out at all, until you pull the trigger. I'm sorry the pictures are bad, I accidentally deleted a couple when I was making space for more pictures. Also, the first pictures are terrible, until I found my camera.

Step 2: Barrel

This is purely just a place to put the rubberbands on the end. And to mount the bipod. You will also put the grip onto the barrel attachment.

Step 3: Stock/Butt

Stock/Butt. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Step 4: Scope

With a crosshair! Trust me, this gun is insanely accurate. I can hit a person from the other end of my garden. It's a big garden.

It's a bit bulky but it is better to look down because it is darker.

Step 5: Bipod

Just an optional part.

Step 6: Loading & Firing

So now you have a finished gun. But there still remains one question: How do I fire it? It's easy to work out, but just in case I have made a video for you people.

Step 7: Your TJSR6's

Seeing as this gun is so easily moddable, what did you make yours look like?
1) - Jamalam - Original.
2) - Jamalam - TJSR6-U