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I don't have beautiful feet. In fact my feet are often pretty scary. My podiatrist calls me the one man foot exam. Instead of saying nasty things about my poor defenseless footsies I will help you walk a mile in my shoes to learn from my war scarred soles.


Step 1: Wet Feet Are Moldy Meat

Once a fungal problem starts you will be on  track to compete with South America for most new species discovered. Alot of infections come from having wet or water exposed feet. If you run or cycle in wet shoes dry out your feet. Change socks regularly. If you do end up with something nasty stinky or itchy  use a drying agent *desiccant* like the one pictured and a warm foot bath. Epsom salts can work. To improve smell once the "fun guy" no longer brings the party try soaking in something you find pleasant.

Step 2: Pumice, That Is What I Want

Last time I went in the doc got out the electric sander and went at it. Don't get to the point where power tools are needed. If you have just soaked the feet or after washing consider doing a scrub down with a pumice stone. They are cheap and easy to use. This goes doubly if you run barefoot. The doc also had to remove an embedded pebble from my sole last time. If you pumice you can checkup on your friends from down under.

Step 3: Duct Tape for the Sole

Warts like a witches nose. That is what you will get if you spend time in a locker room without sandals. These can be brutal and keep coming back. Forget about all the wart solutions. Duct tape is your friend. I like to wrap over the foot if the skin splits between toes (see pictures). Ductape is amazingly sticky and resilient. Also good for foot eczema skin splits and over used karate sole. Doctor recommended.

Step 4: The Cut of Your Jib

Clippings Clippings read all about them. If you clip wrong you get ingrown toenails.  Ingrown toenails are the worst. See that picture, that picture is the best case scenario after you get one. The infection that comes with an in-grown toenail is painful and seepy (don't think about that word too long). For the big toe nail cut straight across, do not cut with the curve. For the rest of the little piggies trim but just don't cut all that often, toenails grow slower than finger nails. If you are a biter consider one of the anti biting polish solutions.

Step 5: The Roman Arch

The Roman Arch is a marvel of engineering.  While those ancient marvels still stand my arches long ago collapsed. The later in life you are the worse arch collapse can get. While you can't go and build new feet you can support your arches. Foot supports whether custom from the pod people (MD) or whoever is hawking them on tv or the pharmacy are important. I also choose running shoes with motion control to dampen the strain on my feet when I am not running barefoot. Also waiting until the shoes have holes in the bottoms is not podiatrist recommended.

Step 6: Obvious Stuff

If you break a toe the foot itself or the ankle don't use that appendage. It doesn't matter how much the upcoming race cost how cool the event looks or how amazing your one legged hoping skills are. Just Say NO! Also you are not Bruce Lee so don't pretend like walking on your hands is an option. I am in no way liable for any crazy stuff you do to your feet. I am not a medical professional. Please don't sue me :D I hope your feet are damn sexy. I got sole, I'm superman.

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