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I wanted to build a small box table to put it next to my bed.
I am new in CNC routing so I decided to do my first bigger cnc project.

Learning by doing is always the best way.

For this project I used Autodesk Fusion, because it is a great all in all software solution.


All you need for this project is a cnc router, 26 wood screws and 1,5 m² 15/18 mm thick plywood

Step 1: Parts

The Table is made from 7 parts

  • 2 legs
  • 2 side plates with random hole pattern
  • 1 middle plate with holes for cables
  • 1 back plate
  • 1 top plate with a hexagonal pattern

Step 2: Designing the Table

Step 3: Programming the Cnc

I attached 4 files

  • Table 18mm (assembled)
  • Table 15mm (assembled)
  • Table flat 15mm (parts already placed on the table for cutting)
  • Operations folder (here you can see which cutting speed and data I used)

You will need the following operations:

  • 10mm (or less) drill for the head of the screw
  • 3mm drill for drilling the deep screw holes
  • 6mm 1 or 2 blade cutter for the contours

Step 4: Machining the Part

  1. After machining you can use some sanding paper to give your wood a nice finish.
  2. Afterwards place the parts in the right direction towards each other and drill through the already drilled holes into the side of the wood.
  3. Now you can screw everything together.


Table was made in the Fablab Hamburg.
It offers a wide variety of tools and printers, which you can use on Openlab day.

check it out

Constructive criticism is welcome.

Also please inform me about translation errors.

Thank you and just make it.

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