Introduction: Beef With 5 Sauces and 5 Vegetables

It is a very tasty and nutritious food. It is easy to make and enjoys the appreciation of most of those who have tasted it.

Although it was originally an Asian food, I adapted it to the ingredients found here and I made it so many times that it became common for me.


(Almost) any food market in the world.

Step 1: Let's Talk About Ingredients.

See photo 2

1. Beef - 400g. Veal is preferred. Avoid old beef, which is hard and does not soften when cooked.


2. Bell peppers -3 pcs. of different colours.

3. White cabbage - 300g.

4. Carrots -2 pcs.

5. Celery root-200 g.

6. Ginger-50..70g. It will hot taste the food. People who do not like this can put less or even remove it

(but then we will make beef with 5 sauces and 4 vegetables and the title of the recipe

must be changed).


7. Sour cherry syrup or sauce. Even if we use syrup (the sauce is harder to find), it is ok. The food will not be sweet because a limited amount is used.

A good solution is to make a sour cherry sauce by crushing (with blender) some fresh or even frozen fruit(of course without seeds).

8. Hot chili sauce. For those who do not want a spicy food, it will be used barbecue sauce or tomato sauce.

9. Balsamic vinegar.

10. Sesame oil. Not everyone likes its taste. It can be easily replaced with olive oil.

11. Soy sauce. Personally, I prefer the saltier version.

Step 2: Meat Preparation

Beef is cut into sticks as thin as possible.

After that, mix with all 5 sauces and a little finely grated ginger.

Leave to soak in the refrigerator for 24 hours,in a covered vessel.

In photo 1 you can see the meat cut and macerated.

Step 3: Washing, Cleaning and Cutting Vegetables

The vegetable is washed, peeled, seed cleaning and cut into sticks / thin slices (photo 2).

Step 4: We Fry the Meat

On the stove, over medium heat, fry the meat in the sauces in which it was soaked. Stir constantly.

Fry the meat until all sticks are ready (10 ... 15 min). See photo 3.

Step 5: Add the Vegetables and Prepare Everything

Put all the vegetables on top. Add all five sauces to taste and mix (photo 4).

All the contents will start to boil and the vegetables will leave the water (photo 5).

If necessary, add more sauces.

This stage lasts 15-25 minutes and is done over high heat.

In the end we have to get soft and yet slightly crunchy vegetables, and the sauce

must be coagulated. See photo 6. The volume here should be about half of photo 4.

Step 6: Eat

It is the easiest and most pleasant part of the project.

4 portions are obtained from the given quantities.

It is preferably consumed hot, but can also be reheated.

Serve as is or garnished with pasta or rice.

And that's it!