Introduction: Beer Box Backpack

Turn your unwanted beer carton into a unique, eye-catching and functional backpack. It will instantly turn any passerby jealous and thirsty = win.

(Pictures are after a period of use, so ware and tare is eminent- adds character i believe :))

Step 1: Unfold Beer Carton.

You want to take your beer carton and unfold it. To do this open the top and bottom, and find where the carton is tabbed and secured - avoid doing damage to the box as it will further the quality of the final product.

Step 2: Cutting Away Excess Box

With the carton now unfolded, cut away the excess cardboard as shown by the red markings in the picture.

Step 3: Folding Tabs for Gluing

In order to construct a backpack, we need tabs to glue and construct the shape. Fold along the orange lines as shown in the picture - take care and ensure both sides are even and straight.

Step 4: Folding and Attaching the Back

Fold the top part of the box backwards along the orange line as seen in the picture (this should be relatively easy as it is on a crease already made by the beer carton). In order to attach the back I applied liberal amounts of wood glue along the tabs previously made and then sat the box on the ground so it was flat and applied some weights to top of box until the glue had dried. If you had a industrial stapler or similar it could be used instead of or in addition to the glue.

Step 5: Creating Lid/top of Backpack

(Pictures show side profile). After the glue has dried, all of the back that is not glued by the tabs is folded upwards and then folded down over the front of the box.

Step 6: Making Lid Clasp

Mark the inside corners on the front of the box where the tab on the lid sits. Move lid out of way and draw a line between the two marked points. Now cut along the line a rectangle the thickness of the cardboard. Now you can close the lid and insert the tab to keep your bag closed. All creases on the lid should be worked a few times to ensure they sit in place.

Step 7: Straps

Holes were made as shown in the picture. Material to use for straps can be left to your discretion, I used a two lanyards I had lying around. A knot was made at the end of the material and threaded from the inside of the bottom hole and then back into the top hole where the second knot was made at the end of the material - same was repeated for the other side. (it is suggested you do it this was as the shape of the box may cause complications). NOTE: An additional idea is to glue metal washers over the holes on the inside of the box- this would add additional strength to the points of attachment.

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