Introduction: Beer Coaster

This beer coaster is a very beautiful piece of useful art that is recycling beer cans from the trash. The cans need to be in perfect conditions and not be crushed otherwise the result will be very disappointing. This takes around 30 minutes to make and you don't need a lot of materials to make it. This coaster will use mainly materials you can find at home except for the instant glue which you need to buy. This coaster is made of a structure of popsticle sticks to give it it's shape and a can of beer cut to make a big sheets and cover the wooden structure. I think this beer coaster is very useful in everyday life and I think that the people who want to make it have all the materials they need for it. The maximum size you can make with a normal beer can is around 7 x 7 cm.


The supplies you need to build that coaster are:

  • A beer or soda can in perfect condition without any bumps and or scraches on it,
  • 7-8 popsticle sticks to make the structure of the coaster,
  • A small tube of instant glue (I use feviquick and it works best)
  • Some time (30 minutes)

Step 1: Make the Wooden Structure-

  1. You first have to cut the popsticle sticks like I did in the shema showing the brown structure and all the dimensions.
  2. You then have to put a small drop of super glue on all the edges that touch and hold them together until it makes the full structure.

Step 2: Add the Beer Can to the Structure-

  1. When the wooden structure is finished, you can cut the beer can into a sheet by removing the top and bottom and when you have this kind of tube you can cut it open to make a sheet of metal from the can.
  2. The next step you can do is to cut the metal sheet you got earlier following the solid lines on the 2 pictures. Be sure not to cut the dotted lines, they are for folding the metal aroung the wooden structure.
  3. You can then add the first side of the coaster by gluing the structure inside the dotted lines shown on the second image. Be sure to leave the pretty side on the outside and the grey side glued to the structure
  4. The next step is to fold the side of the metal sheet onto the wooden structure and then wait till it dries.
  5. The final step is to glue the final piece of the coaster to hide the small flaps that we glued on the back of the structure earlier.

Step 3: The Final Step-

The Final Step you can do is to sand of the edges of the coaster because they can be very sharp. I hope you founs this project interesting!

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