Introduction: Beer Koozie Wall Rack

Have a large collection of koozies from your college days and nothing to do with them besides take up space? Hang them up! This tutorial will show you how to easily hang up your koozies on the wall with magnets making them easily accessible, visually appealing, and a great conversation starter. Great for mancaves, college dorms, and more.

Step 1: Here’s What You’ll Need...

• Large Velcro Command Strips
• Flat Metal Bars, could be anything be creative (Pictured are Hillman 4-ft x 0.75-in Hot-Rolled Weldable Steel Slotted Metal Flat Bar from Lowe’s)
• Rubbing alcohol
• Craft Magnets
• Pencil
• Level

Step 2: Find a Good Spot

Find a nice place on the wall you hang your koozies. Make sure the space is wide enough to but the bars on the wall and that the area free of anything that could knock the koozies off like over a bed or near where children play.

Step 3: Clean and Shiny

Using the rubbing alcohol and a paper towel wipe down and clean the surface of the wall and metal bars where you’ll stick the command strips.

Step 4: Prepare the Command Strips

Take two command strips and click the Velcro together BEFORE adhearing them to a surface. Make sure the strips are fully bonded together. You’ll need a total of at least four command strips (two pairs) for each metal bar to hang up.

Step 5: Remove Paper From Comand Strip

Remove the paper from only ONE side of the command strip pair so the adhesive is exposed. Stick the pair to the end of the metal bar on one side of the bar. Press firmly to ensure a strong hold. Repeat for the other side of the bar.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat the last step for every bar you intend to hang. The more bars you have the more koozies you can hang.

Step 7: Level the Bars

Using a pencil and a level (your phone works fine) determine and mark our with the pencil where you intend to hang the metal bar(s).

Step 8: Hang the Metal Bar(s)

Peel the paper off the other side of the command strip and expose the adhesive. Stick the rod to the wall where you marked with the pencil in the previous step. Press firmly to ensure a strong hold.

Step 9: Koozie Time!

The time has come to hang the koozies. Using one of the craft magnets, place it within the koozie and stick the magnet to the metal bar. The magnet will pin the koozie to the bar hanging it up easily and discreetly. Repeat for as many koozies as you’d like to hang.

Step 10: Final Tips

Hang up as many metal bars and koozies as you’d like, however if hanging bars above and below each other leave enough room in between them for the koozies to fit. About six inches between koozies is usually plenty for your average koozie. For specialty koozies like tallboy and bottle koozies you may need to use two magnets and leave more space in between bars.