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I bought my home at the end of October 2014 and spent 4 months looking at this awful garden through winter. I just couldn't handle looking at it any longer, so I decided I would have to do something about it. I really couldn't afford to get anyone to help me (very tight budget),
so I decided I would do it on my own. I am 5'3" tall and a 45 year old woman, so I'm VERY proud of myself for this. I wanted a woodland feel.

This image was taken at the end of March beginning of April 2015
Before, During and After

Step 1:

In total this has taken me around 5 solid 8 hour days to get it complete (this has been spread over a period of time but if I did it all in one go that is about how long it would have taken), this includes laying down the weed control fabric, spreading out 3 tonne of gravel, lifting and relaying the slabs and building the decked area and raised border (made from old used scaffolding boards)
cost -
- weed control fabric (this was also used for the small front garden area too) £35
- 3 tonne of gravel (this was also used for the small front garden area too) £120
- decked area and raised border (used scaffolding boards) £380
Total cost £535


Step 2:

I made a bird feeding station out of willow tree branches that had been cut down and given to me I stripped the bark off and screwed it all together

Step 3:

This is a picture of the completed garden taken from the window above at the Beginning of April before I had a chance to paint the fence and shed and before summer had a chance to make my vegetation grow

Step 4:

This is a picture of the completed garden taken from the window above 3 months later in July (I love it)

Step 5:

This is the original pond I put in, I wasn't expecting to have any fish just water plants so it is very small (Bermuda 'COVE')

Step 6:

As you can see it is rather small.

Anyway I went out one day and saw 4 little goldfish... guess what... yes that's right I bought them... so now I need a bigger pond...

Step 7:

OK so now I needed a bigger pond... (Oh like I hadn't given myself enough work to do..) so I went out and got bigger pond, double the size of the little one I had... and so the fun begins

Step 8:

The new one (Bermuda 'SANDS') is double the size but it looks a lot bigger to me

Step 9:

This photo gives you an idea of the difference in size

Step 10:

I love the new pond and it is a better size for the fish as they will grow to 20cm each

Step 11:

I also got to put a nice waterfall feature over the pond with rocks.

Step 12:

The fish love it too

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