Introduction: Beginner’s Yoga: How to Relax Anywhere!

You don't need anything to do this beginner's yoga flow. If you want, you can use a mat, but all you really need is a little space and time.

Step 1: Begin

Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-length apart and your arms at your sides. Take a breath.

Step 2: Salutation Seal

Raise your hands above your head and inhale; as you exhale, bring your hands together to rest at your heart. It should look almost like you are praying. This is called the salutation seal.

Step 3: Touch Toes

Raise your hands above your head again while inhaling. On the exhale, bring your arms down slowly and bend at the waist to touch your toes. It doesn’t have to perfect – your legs can be slightly bent.

Step 4: Touch Toes

Continue to stay down in the toe touching position for two breaths. Let your arms hang limp, if you wish.

Step 5: Chatarunga

From this position, on the inhale walk your arms forward until you are in a low push-up position. Try to keep your body as straight as possible, like a plank. Exhale if you wish. This position is called chatarunga.

Step 6: Upward Dog

From chaturanga, on the inhale raise just your arms to lift the upper half of your body to come into upward dog. Try not to let your thighs touch the floor, but it’s okay if they do!

Step 7: Downward Dog

Now we’re going to come into downward dog. Try not to move your legs or feet. On the exhale from upward dog, raise your butt in the air so that your body creates a triangle with the ground. Your ears should be in between your arms as you look down. Keep your arms and legs as straight as you can, but it’s ok if you bend your legs a bit. Take a breath or two while you’re there.

Step 8: Touch Toes

From downwarddog, on the inhale walk your hands backwards until you’re at the toe touching position once more, your body bent at the waist. Exhale.

Step 9: Salutation Seal

On the inhale, raise your body up to standing position as your raise your arms at the same time. On the exhale, bring your hands together at your heart to come back to salutation seal once more. Take a breath.

Step 10: Finish

Bring your arms back down to your sides and take another breath. Congratulations! You’ve just completed your beginner’s vinyasa flow. Again, this can be done anywhere you have a bit of time and space you’re willing to put the palms of your hands on.