Introduction: Beginners Guide: 3d Chairs and Table on an Ipad

This tutorial explains how to make a simple table and chairs (for a dolls house) using an ipad and a free app (123D creature).

It is intended to be a simple guide so that computer literacy should not be a barrier to creation. 

Step 1: Download 123d Creature From the App Store

Go to the App Store and download 123d creature (it is free).

Click on new project.

You will notice in the center of the screen there is a 'skeleton'. Have a play around with this to get used to the controls. 
Use two fingers to pinch and zoom in or out.
Use one finger to rotate the model. 

You will notice that when you try to make limbs (outside of the central line) two identical limbs will be created either side. 

So after having a play around either go back to the starting skeleton by pressing the back button or by going to menu and clicking 'create new'.

Step 2: Start Making the Chairs

Use the 'pose' button to move the limbs into a parallel position. (Touch 'pose' then touch the central joint run your finger around the circle with arrows). 

The use the 'create' button to create a limb running from the 'head' parallel to the other two.

From the end of the top limb create another limb joining all the parallel limbs together. 

Using one finger rotate the chair to the position in the photo and then create another limb coming out at a right angle. Then two limbs coming down (i.e. the legs of the chair). 

Rotate again and add the front of the chair (make a limb coming from one side and joining its partner in the middle) and some extra struts (the struts on the base of the chair need to come from the ends of the front limbs, if you try and start them at the back of the chair they will not be in the right plane).

Step 3: Finish the Chairs

Rotate the chair in lots of directions. 
Use the 'move', 'pose' and 'scale' buttons to adjust as needed so everything is the right size and right angles. Particularly make sure the legs of the chair are parallel and the same length.

When you are happy push 'bake'

After baking you can do a bit of fixing and painting.
First tap 'sculpt' and tap on 'flatten' rotate your chair upside down and flatten the bottoms of the legs. You can also flatten the seat of the chair also or you can just leave it curved (this is a bit harder to get even). 
Rotate to make sure that everything is even in all directions. 

Then paint 

Step 4: Start the Table

Now for the Table. Now that you know what you are doing I am going to explain the table a bit quicker.

Again start with the basic skeleton and make the arms and legs parallel. 
Add a top bar as before so you have a 'window' shape.

Use the 'move' and 'shape' tools to make sure the struts in the middle of the table are even. 
Then add the legs.
Look at the table at different angles and make sure legs are even.

Add extra limbs to fill up table as shown. 


Step 5: Finish the Table

Use the 'smooth' and 'flatten' tools to even out the top of the table. (When flattening start in the middle of the table and work out to the edges). 

Flatten the bottom of the legs.

Then colour the table. 
You can then save your image and organise for it to be printed (click on the menu button then choose save, then on "order a 3d print of this")


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