Introduction: Belts Storage and Organizing for All Size and Shapes

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Storage of belts especially ladies' belts can be quite challenging particularly when there's a lot of them that comes in various shapes and sizes. By combining two types of items (a plastic coated square grill and clothes pegs that comes with hooks) that can readily and affordably purchased at local stores, i can store at least 30 belts neatly, visibly and easily. Best of all, it does not take up too much space in the wardrobe. Overall, it cost me less than US$5

Step 1: Plastic Covered Steel Square Grid

Purchase this from a local store (appro US$2). Ensure that the square is large enough for the wardrobe pole to go through. Not too big though.

Step 2: Clothes Pegs With Hooks

Acquired these clothes pegs that comes with detachable hooks. Approx US$2 for 24 pieces.

Step 3: Attached the Pegs to the Grid

Attached the pegs to the grid as shown

Step 4: Place the Whole Organizer in the Wardrobe

Place the organizer in the wardrobe as shown. The pole should be able to go though the top middle square grid hole for better stability and balance.

Step 5: Store and Organize the Belts

The belts can be stored and organized here in 2 ways. One, use the clothes pegs to hang bigger width belt or belt of irregular shapes. Men's belts can be hanged this way too. Two, intertwine the thinner belt in between the square grid holes, the friction prevents the belt from loosing grip.