Introduction: Bench Grinder Mods

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Every engineering workshop needs a bench grinder. Whether its for sharpening tools or drill bits, its a cheap and useful tool to have in the garage.

These modifications show you how to fit:

  • A gooseneck magnetic base LED worklight
  • A variable speed controller

Both these modifications are low cost, and have served me well, so I thought I'd share with my followers.

Step 1: Wiring Diagram for Modifications

All the circuit mosifications were housed internally in the plastic base of the grinder.

I removed the speed controller pot from the board and extended by soldering 3 wires, so i could locate the knob in a convenient position, and house the controller board.

If you don't know the dangers of working with electricity, do not meddle!

Step 2: Fit a Magnetic Gooseneck LED Worklight

This magnetic base LED gooselight was originally intended for sewing machines, but works great on the bench grinder.

The strong magnetic base means you can easily relocate it to the left/ right grinding wheel, and adjust the gooseneck exactly where you need the light.

It has an in-built AC transformer and power switch, so you can operate the light independently.

Step 3: Fit a Variable Speed Controller

Low speed is desirable when sharpening drill bits, but often found on more expensive grinders.

This speed controller board gives you a variable speed controller at the twist of a knob.

Just wire up according to the circuit diagram, and twist and go!

I moved the speed knob potentiometer from off the PCB board, and rehoused it on the casing using 3 soldered extender wires.

Step 4: Use It!

You have now converted your cheap bench grinder into a deluxe bench grinder.