Bench Power Supply Leads With Metering!

Introduction: Bench Power Supply Leads With Metering!

I recently got my new bench power supply for my geeky electronics needs. I love it. I have a pair of output leads complete with those handy alligator clips.

What I really would like is metering on those leads to give me power, energy, peak amps, peak power etc.

I love knowing how much power my devices are using when I test them so created my own blend of metered leads!

Step 1: The Meter.

This meter I got off for 19usd. I love it so much I had purchased 3 recently. It has back lighting and a 2 row digital readout for the parameters I want. My bench supply is 10amp maximum and this meter is 50amp rated.

Step 2: Shorting Switch.

My bench supply has a constant current mode for setting the current limit. To get this mode I normally clip the black and red alligator clips together and dial the current I want.

Now with this momentary push button switch I can press and set much easier. The switch is rated 16amp so its good for my purpose. I plan to wire this switch between the output of the bench supply and the meter.

Step 3: Wiring It All Up.

Basic soldering of the meter, switch and leads. I cut both leads so I can insert the switch and meter into the output circuit.

Step 4: Adding a Little Insulation.

Using brush on electrical tape, I coated all the soldered connections. No chance now of unintentional short circuit!

Step 5: The Completed Product.

Mmm. Looking fine! Time to power it up!

Step 6: Testing!

Yay! It works perfectly. Now at a glance I can read those important electrical parameters! I'm quite happy with this project.

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