Introduction: Electric Weed Whacker Version 3!

My latest version has some safety and performance improvements over the previous version: I'm enjoying the lawn cutting experience even more now. Read on for what I did.

Step 1: Improved Motor Mount.

I used a piece of PVC trunking bolted to the broom stick as a spur to hose clamp the motor.

Step 2: Improved Safety Shield.

I used a dustbin lid and cut a shield for the flying grass. I screwed the shield onto the motor drive end with 2 small bolts. I used 3 strands of aluminum wire to prevent the plastic shield from being destroyed by the blade.

Step 3: Stainless Steel Blade.

I cut a stainless steel ruler to make an improved cutting blade. I always wear steel toe boots when using my cutter since this blade will cause major injury to feet.

Step 4: Li Ion Battery and Tilt Sensor.

Using an old drill battery pack that died I salvaged the good cells to have a 4s2p pack. A door intrusion sensor with magnet I used to make a tilt sensor. Once I raise the cutting end upwards the sensor deactivates the power relay and ensures the blade doesn't spin while I'm cleaning fouled grass.

Step 5: Completion!

My updated cutter is lighter and safer than before. Not bad for spare parts lying around the house.