Introduction: Benches for the Farmhouse Table

We built a rustic farmhouse table for our dining room. In this instructable I'll list out the steps for building the benches that went with the table.

I went with the plans on Ana-White's website (

My instructable for the table is here.


- Miter Saw

- Kreg Jig, Kreg Jig HD

- Orbital Sander

- Drill

- Safety equipment


- Wood (cut list on the site listed above)

- Stain

- Sanding pads

- screws (kreg 2.5")

Step 1: Step 1: Cut the Wood

I cut the wood per the cut list given on Ana's site.

Step 2: Assemble the Base

Connect the base pieces. For the 4x4s, I used the HD kreg screws.

To connect the center 4x4 beam, you can prop it up at a height so that it aligns with the center in the side supports. I went with the lazier option of just placing the beam on the side panel and screwing it in.

For the 2x4s, flip the base over and screw the boards together.

Step 3: Assemble the Top

Use the kreg jig to create drill holes on the underside of the top. Once that is done, connect the side boards.

Step 4: Add Bread Board Support

The bread boards didn't have as much support as I like. So I mitered 6" blocks of 4x4s, with one edge at 10 degrees. I then screwed and glued them to the base, under the bread boards, as shown.

Step 5: Sand, Stain and Finish

Then it was time to sand and stain. Once the stain dries, add three coats of polyurethane.

Step 6:

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