Introduction: Rustic Farmhouse Style Vanity

We had our bathroom remodeled into a rustic farmhouse style bathroom, so I ended up building a vanity for it.

The wood is mostly cherry, with a few boards of pine. My wife had an butcher block that we re-purposed for parts of the top. For the finish, the top has a 1/8th inch layer of epoxy resin for protection and the rest of the body has 2 layers of polyurethane finish.


- Cherry

- Solid old Butcher block

- Plywood for the drawers

- Pine boards


- Bandsaw


- Sander

- Clamps

- Brushes for finish

Step 1: Mill the Wood

No pictures here. I had cherry boards in storage, I milled those and put them to good use.

Step 2: Build the Frame

First cut the legs. These legs are 1,3/4th inch wide and about 31" in length.

The front supports are 1" thick and about 55" long. The sides are 16" long. They've been joined by kreg screws.

I did not have the time to put in mortise and tenons, so the kreg screws were very useful.

I put a 1/4" thick piece of plywood under the side joins to space out the side boards with the legs.

Once the body frame was put together, I did a dry fit to mark off the positions for the water and drain pipes. Since the water pipes were in the way of a horizontal support beam, I went with vertical support beams, as shown in the last picture.

Step 3: Build the Top

For the top, I cut two squares off of the butcher block, and then added cherry boards along the sides, front and back to create a frame. The butcher block was about 2" thick and the cherry boards were 1" thick, so the top formed a natural grove that fit onto the frame.

Step 4: Add the Bottom Boards

I cut the pine boards to length and put them in with kreg screws.

Step 5: Add Butterflied Side Boards

I used the bandsaw to butterfly a few boards that became the sides and the front pieces.

Step 6: Make the Drawers

Unfortunately, I dont have any pictures of this step. I made three drawers, the body out of 1/4" plywood and the front being an inch thick cherry piece, butterflied.

Step 7: Add the Backsplash

We had a piece of cherry with a live edge. I milled the piece flat and screwed it in to the top.

Step 8: Fit and Finish

I taped off the edges of the top, and put in an 1/8" thick layer of epoxy resin on it. The rest of the vanity was sanded to 320 grit and finished with two layers of wipe on polyurethane.