Introduction: Bendy Clock

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I had to throw on my instructables shirt to get the juices flowing!! And did it worked I wanted to make a unique clock that I have not seen. my son watches a lot of YouTube videos of people playing this game bendy and the ink machine so i thought i would use that as an idea to get inspired.

i hope you enjoy this instrutable

Step 1: Tools and Material

  • Clamps
  • jigsaw
  • tape measure
  • pencil/sharpie
  • square
  • drill
  • glue
  • brad nail gun
  • chopsaw
  • plainer
  • jointer
  • sander
  • cricut cutter
  • kreg jig


  • 3/4 inch plywood
  • 1x4 oak optional you could use the plywood
  • 1/4 ply
  • brad nails
  • paint

Step 2: Design

I used a flexible scrap piece of wood to draw the angles. I place nails along the arch i wanted and used a sharpie to draw the shape used a bucket for the outline of the head.

Step 3: Cut Out the Shape

Using a jig saw to cut out the outline then drilled a 3/8 hole in the corners of each of the inside cut out to allow the jigsaw to move freely.

Step 4: Cut Out the Back

I wanted to make this a special piece so i cut off the arms head and feet and set them a side for later i then trace the outside of the template to another piece of plywood.

next i screwed them together and sanded down any imperfections and made both side the same.

Step 5: Cut the Shelves and Supports

I used the scrap pieces of the 3/4" plywood for the shelves and the supports. I then cut them at 6" using the chop saw and the table saw.

Step 6: Put on the Sides

I added glue to the and place the oversized piece of 1/4" plywood on top and clamped it down.

the first piece went on like a dream the second piece i was not so lucky it broke but i went along with it gluing and clamping and it turned out not to be a big deal can barley see the imperfection.

Step 7: Add the Details

So my plan is to paint the plywood and use a clear finish on the oak to make it pop!

  • using the jig saw to clean the edges off from the over hang.

I had some oak wood left over from another project. i cut the top pieces with a slight over hang of the top.

i used the jointer to get the wood to match up glued and clamped the 3 pieces together .

Next i traces and cut out the feet using the kreg jig i attached the feet to the plywood.

I also traced out the arms in oak and cut them out using the jigsaw.

Step 8: Sand and Prep for Paint

Sand using a low grit like 60 or 80 and working up to 120 for the painted areas and 320 for the poly

Step 9: Cricut

Iused the cricut cutter to make the face. Bendy my sons favorite character!

Step 10: Paint and Stain

I used black paint and clear satin polyurethane.

Step 11: Assembled

Now that everything is painted and stained time to put everything together. I also printed the bow tie made for a great finish.

Step 12: I Love Instructables

This project would have never happened if it wasn't for the contest I dug deep and seen my intructables tee shirt and was inspired to challenge myself .

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