4 Amazing Balloon Life Hacks



Introduction: 4 Amazing Balloon Life Hacks

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Here are some life hacks using balloons to simplify life a little bit!

Step 1: Tying a Knot Without Using Your Finger

Have a bunch of balloons you have to blow up and tie for a birthday party, or some sort of event? You now don't have to worry about having a sore finger! Grab an inflated balloon and a pair of pliers. Wrap the end of the balloon around the plier and then open the pliers. You now have a hole to pass the end of the balloon through. Once it is through, go ahead and keep pulling so the balloon slides off the pliers. Your finger will thank you!

Step 2: Straight Flowers

Sometimes you want your flowers to be a perfectly vertical, like the ones you see in a furniture catalog. Grab a balloon and cut the end of the round part of the balloon. Stretch over a your vase or glass, and by using the neck of the balloon your flowers will look marvelous!

Step 3: Rubber Band Replacement

Have some balloons in hand and not a single rubber band. Cut pieces from the neck of the balloon and now you can wrap whatever you need to store away with your rubber band replacements!

Step 4: Confetti Popper

All you need for this is a balloon, paper, some tape, and the top section of a plastic bottle. Cut the neck of the balloon so you are only left with the round bottom portion. Attach the balloon to the plastic bottle with tape. Cut pieces of paper in any shape you like but make them small. Pour the pieces of paper into the plastic bottle. Pull back the balloon and when you are ready to celebrate, release the balloon for some confetti magic!

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