Introduction: Best Paper Snowflake

This step by step process will help you make a beautiful snowflake for the winter holidays! Have fun (:

Step 1: Gather Your Tools.

You will need:


-Construction paper (regular printer paper will work too)

-Pen or pencil

Step 2: Fold Your Paper.

Take one corner of the paper and meet it to other side making a 90 degree angle. This should make a perfect crease.

Step 3: Cut Extra Paper Off.

You will need to cut off the side of paper that is not overlapping paper. (see picture)

Step 4: Good Job.

If your paper looks like the picture, you have done it correctly!

Step 5: Unfold Paper.

Unfold your paper to make sure it looks like a perfect square.

Step 6: Fold

Fold your paper so one corner meets the other.

Step 7: Fold Again

Now, take the right corner and fold it one inch down from the top corner.

Step 8: Flip It.

Turn over paper to back side.

Step 9: Fold

Now take new right corner and fold it one inch down from top corner.

Step 10: Make Sure Your Paper Is Folded Correctly

Your paper should look like the one in the picture. (:

Step 11: Fold

Now fold your paper so that each of the outer corners meet.

Step 12: The Fun Begins..

Now, draw your design by outlining where you will be cutting.

Step 13: Get Those Scissors Out Again.

Make sure to cut carefully around your design.

Step 14: Yay

Once you have finished cutting out your design, unfold your paper, and voila! Snowflake!