Wonderful Tips -Upgrade Your Kitchen in Your Budget

Introduction: Wonderful Tips -Upgrade Your Kitchen in Your Budget

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Want remodel or upgrade your kitchen ? but your budget is limited ..so no problem , Here are best tips & tricks.
Now here I am updating kitchen with simple & smart ideas & more efficient, more spaced, and better looking your kitchen places..A few years ago, Me & my friend did a complete gut to the studs and start over kitchen renovation, and discovered many of the things you will see about here. There are a few that might be of a more help.

Remodel your kitchen & making over your kitchen can be easy if you go with an easy way !

Whatever your kitchen update wish but i am sure these budget-friendly tips are a recipe for success ! :)

Step 1: First Matters Your Kitchen Walls & Shelves :

In this tutorial you , i am sure w'll find good tips.What you can do with your walls if you have a limited budget.

  • Change your kitchen’s walls with some nicewall artswhich are not expensive , like you can use beautiful paper patterns & stick on your kitchen walls or paint your favorite colors on walls or stick some informative images such as pictures which show some tips of saving food for long terms & more you can Hang playful prints on walls, or place them on floating shelves and countertops. Here , for shelves good counter tops also need.
  • If you had never backsplash before , so try to use it now because it does not requires more tiles , or paint them is also easy process.
  • Plastic paper can be more helpful for shelves except replacing them & No matter how small the countertop is, there's at least a 10-day process during which you will need to do your installing and polishing.Upgrading a kitchen with concrete countertops is an kitchen improvement Process. While it takes some time so be prepared to spread the work out over several weekends because of the time required for this , you will save yourself the high cost of purchased granite or marble countertops.
  • Here Concrete will required to be properly blocked at the beginning and waxed about every 30 days to protect from staining. So the final result might not be exactly what you expected, especially if you're doing it for the first time.But here, good thing is that there are ways to remedy many outcomes that you don’t like.

Step 2: Now Make Over Your Kitchen Cabinets

  • To make over your kitchen , first examine condition of them.You can Repair your cabinets doors & handles if you see any holes etc.This process will also save your money.
  • First, decide whether to paint, refinish or replace your old wooden kitchen cabinets, give them a good cleaning with paint thinner and steel wool.Never underestimate the power of paint.You can Paint your Kitchen cabinets & because of this they also sustain for a long term.
  1. First near you , collect essential tools to fix any holes or fix any handles etc. like Drill & Bits , Screwdriver , Masking Tape , Ruler & Pencil etc.

    - Then fix all damaged carefully..

  2. For paint : select good quality paint & color according to your taste like you can match cabinets colors with your tiles & counters , light or dark contrast etc.Now see How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles :

Step 3: General Kitchen Makeover Tips

  • Try to use counter made of wood.This hard-wearing, knife-friendly surface softens the look of the counters that ring the room.Not so expensive.
  • Add some vintage look floor , with a new floor made of an old-class material like linoleum. It's easy to clean, naturally antimicrobial, and comes in more than a lots of shades.
  • Now you need to finish things which are causing a huge crowd in your kitchen. Like kitchen Accessories so Swap kitchen accessories in and out priority based included extra décor things , dishtowels and heavy accessories on your counter, a simple tip & another simple and effective way to change the color and feel of a kitchen with low cost.
  • Bright light kitchen looks & feels good , so install any built -in lights by some good electrition & Beef Up , update a new accent lighting...Or other energy efficient lightings are available you can use them.Can also Use Pendants & other decorative fixtures.* Updating the lighting is also a great way to add interest to kitchen & looks it great. , lighting can be improved dramatically.

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    6 years ago

    This article needs a total rewrite (not to mention a different copy editor). The grammar and sentence structure are wrong throughout the article. It says it is all about tips, but there aren't really any tips. The headings and what follows don't match. For example the statement that the first priority is WALLS & SHELVES is followed not by anything about walls and shelves but the encouragement of watch a video about concrete countertops! The subject of countertops is not a heading and is never addressed, nor for that matter, is countertops.

    Next is a picture of before and after cabinets. No mention of what needs addressing and why there are these two pictures without any comment on how they are improving it and how they made their choices. This picture is followed by one of some tools -- and they are about - what? Not even a comment under the picture.

    Then there is the "General Kitchen Makeover tips." Instead of a tip we are presented with a sentence that reads: "Now you need to finish things which are causing a huge crowd in your kitchen." Really? FINISH? And swap what with what?

    And finally there is: * Updating the lighting is also a great way to add interest to kitchen & looks it great. , lighting can be improved dramatically (terrific example of a dangling phrase).. Where did this come from? Great idea; lets talk about it some. How about some new concepts in lighting?


    Reply 6 years ago

    What happened to the "Be Nice Policy?" This person was giving general tips that made sense to me. Maybe English isn't her first language. Woodworking and electronics aren't my first languages and I don't critique other instructibles that I don't completely understand or that just give the broad strokes of a project. She may need some help with English but at least she tried.


    Reply 6 years ago

    I think we agree on the critical lack of tact in the comment. However, there is also a critical lack of content. I honestly didn't find anything useful in the comment. Since I read the article for content, I found things I could use. In this day and age, I've learned to try to ignore problems in the presentation of the content.

    Maybe dglscraft was having an incredibly bad day and isn't proud of the comment.

    Thank you, Kacey, for taking the time to write the Instructable and for some ideas I'll give to my wife.


    6 years ago

    Great kitchen tips!