Introduction: Best Bike Phone Mount



Holder need something to hold phone inside. After few miles phone slides out:( I made one improvement, but it wasn't enough good for me. I bought something new...


Because I didn't find any good holder for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I decide to do it by my self:)!

This cost me 7€ for plexiglass and laser cutting.

Everything else I found at home.

What is so special;

  • is very thin
  • i can use phone with case
  • double protection if the phone fall down (case and plexi)

Step 1: Design & Laser Cut

On 3. and 4. picture you can see how thick is laser (0.25mm x 2 = 0.5mm).

Because I didn't know this, you can see some gaps on painted case.

I would have to use some filler or more glue.

Step 2: Fixing on Handlebar

I used cable ties and something fore cable ties:) I glued it on case with 2 components glue.

Step 3: On Bike

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