Introduction: Better Than a Workbench - the Clamping Box

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I have not enough space for a workbench, so this is my solution

Step 1: The Features

lightweight, non-slip with a rubber mat

use all your clamps you have (no expensive clamps necessary)

clamp on the top and on each site

turn it upside down and clamp in the middle

sawing with handsaw

use it as a mobile wall

Step 2: How to Built

The dimensions are depending from your clamps (refer to the pictures)

I used scrap wood but you can also use new wood from a store

Connect the beams with dowels or with screws. Glue the top on the beams with wood glue

Step 3: Watch the Video

for more details.

Step 4: Detail Explanation

Here are the dimensions of my clamping box:


19mm plywood 1m x 0.5 m
2 beams 1m long (6cm x 6cm)
6 beams 0.5m long (6cm x 6cm)

24 screws (6mm x 100mm)
6 strips of MDF 0.5m long (6mm x 20mm)
wood glue

Make grooves in the short beams with a table saw or with a router 6mm width and 10mm depth

Mark the position for the short beams on the long beams

drill two 6mm holes in the long beams on each position

screw the long beams on the short beams, (Attention to squareness)

glue the plywood on the long beams


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