Introduction: Bic Lighter Stash

In my first instructable i'll show you how to turn an ordinary Bic into a stash lighter that can keep your valuables out the sight of your parents, brothers, friends or other people.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials.

Materials you will need:

-Two large Bic lighters, any color (I recommend black because you can't see through it)

Tools you will need:

- A dremel (You can use a hacksaw and sandpaper instead)

- 1/4 sanding drum

- Cutting wheel for plastic

- Xacto knife

- Needle nose pliers

- A small screwdriver

- Sandpaper or a file (I used one of my mom's old nail files because she threw away my sandpaper xd)

- A pin

Step 2: Empty the Lighters.

For making the whole operation safer push a small screwdriver or a pin through the valve to let the gas escape.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom of One Lighter.

Next, cut the bottom of one lighter with the dremel (or hacksaw).

Step 4: Prepare the Bottom Plug.

Take your dremel, (or sandpaper) and start thinning down the black plastic, but be careful so you don't damage the white cap. Then pry off the remaining black plastic and sand it a little bit.

Step 5: Remove the Bottom From the Second Lighter.

Now, take your dremel again and basically do the same thing you did in step 4 but now on the inside.

Step 6: Remove the Remaining Unwanted Parts.

Remove the remaining unwanted plastic parts like that middle wall and spring chamber.

Step 7: Finishing Touches and How to Use.

Sand the two parts if needed and test the fit.

To open it just press on one end with a key, pen or other lighter and the cap will pop out.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Now you have your very own stash lighter!

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