Introduction: Bic Lighter Wheel and Flint Inside a Clipper Lighter

If you do not like the new star shaped wheel of the Clipper lighter.

or the spaks wheel is geting old and cloged?

Did you know you could use the wheel of a Bic lighter?

Step 1: Dismantle the Bic Disposable Lighter

Both lighter share a wheel about the same size.

And the switch is easy to do with a small screwdriver.

just push to the top the BIC child safety with the screw driver.

and push to the side of the wheel to remove it.

caution everything will fly off if you do not take care.

For the flint ,the Bic flint is about 2 time to long so you have to cut the flint in half to fit a Clipper or a Zippo lighter.

Step 2: Improving the Clipper Lighter

take apart the Clipper lighter is even easier ,

just remove the flint rod and push to the side the wheel.

then the Bic wheel should fit very easily in the clipper lighter.


note,the switch can be done with other disposables too!