Introduction: Bicycle Trailer Hitch - Quick Release Hose Coupling.

I saw this design on a folding bike and thought it awesome. I used to hitch my bike trailers with a lashed inner tube, but this is faster and more convenient. Works very nicely.

Step 1: Obtain Necessary Hose and Pneumatic Release Components.

1 x male 3/8"
1 x female 3/8"
1 x 3/8" threaded coupling.
hose to fit tight on 3/8"
2 x hoseclamps

Step 2: Place Hose Over Pneumatic Fitting

screwing it on worked well.

Step 3: Secure With Hose Clamp

Step 4: Same for Both Male and Female Coupling

Step 5: Drill Hose in Appropriate Places for Attaching to Frame

Step 6: Make Frame Attachment (on Pannier Rack)

Step 7: Attach Hose to Pannier Rack

lock nuts!

Step 8: Attach Hose to Trailer Handle


Step 9: Ride Happily Away to the Store to Carry Buckets of Stuff.